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          ModuleX Plant Factory Our Grow-How: Indoor Biology Research Center

          From Know-How to Grow-How

          We сombine Factory Engineering
          and Indoor Plant Biology

          Urban Crop Solutions offers end-to-end solutions for Indoor Vertical Farming. It all starts with the crop: your crop and the needs of your market. Based on 5 years of research and real-life trials in our own research center, we help you select the right plant varieties with the right growth recipe for the requirements of your crop.

          We design, manufacture, and install automated Plant Factories that can scale to the needs of your business. We help you in your journey to yield and support your first harvest. With us, you’ll be able to grow any crop under LED light anywhere on the planet, year-round. Let us join you in your Journey to profit.

          DOWNLOAD OUR

          Why a Plant Factory?

          HYPER LOCAL

          Grow where you sell.
          Save food miles and reduce
          food waste


          Crops are grown in an enclosed
          environment so there is no
          need for pesticides
          or herbicides

          95% LESS WATER

          Water transpired by the crops
          is captured and fed back
          to the crops


          Available year-round
          with consistent quality,
          independent of weather
          or climate change


          Grow crops in different climates,
          adapt your crop mix to your
          customer’s needs


          Consistent high quality, taste,
          freshness, nutritional value
          and active ingredients

          For your success (ROI), there are 4 main drivers

          Our factory engineers understand that it all starts with your customer’s crop specifications. Based on our Indoor Plant biology ‘Grow-How’, our team of experts has developed dedicated LED lighting, flexible fertigation, a dedicated climate system, and remote access control software.


          Net Yield

          The output that goes to your customer


          investment cost

          per m2 or sq.ft of growing surface


          Lowest labor
          and electricity

          per kg or lb of output

          4. CUSTOMER FOCUS


          We assist you in your Journey to Profit

          Our Solutions


          Large Scale Plant Factory

          Custom Engineered inside a new or existing stand-alone building. Capex @ approx. 2750 EUR/m2 (255 EUR/sq.ft) or other option

          ModuleX Plant Factory

          Scale up from 2 to 64 Grow Modules at 86m2 (926 sq.ft) growing surface per Module. Capex @ 1800 EUR/m2 (167 EUR/sq.ft)

          FarmPro Container Farm

          With 68.6m2 (738 sq.ft) growing surface, output up to 5000 kg (11,023 lbs)/yr. Low labor cost with 2 automated Crop-to-person carousels.

          FarmFlex Container Farm

          With a growing surface up to 51m2 (549 sq.ft), it offers high flexibility in crop mix for research applications.


          We offer you our Indoor Biology Research

          We offer you research and “Grow-How” in our 10 controlled environment growth chambers, 1 FarmPro and 1 ModuleX for crop cultivar screening, nutrient formulations, plant cultivation techniques, LED light spectrum research, hydroponic irrigation and substrate development. The ‘Grow-How’ of our scientists with 30+ years of experience, enables us to serve customers with the support of 200+ recipes.

          CONTACT US FOR

          ModuleX: the modular Plant Factory

          Featuring the BenchCarousel (patent pending)


          Start up small. Minimize your initial CAPEX, and build your showcase farm with a ModuleX-2.

          As you develop new routes to the market around you, when you attract more customers, then scale-up in a smart way.

          Add Grow Modules as you need, with a fast 12-week lead time. And grow your business to a ModuleX-64 and beyond...


          Each Grow Module has an independent ClimateZone and Nutrient system.

          Grow Genovese Basil in the ‘Italian' ClimateZone, and grow microgreens the Grow Module right next to it, in a ‘Belgian’ Climate with a separate optimized nutrient mix. Adapt your mix of crops to the needs of your customers.


          Reduce your labor cost while each growing bench es to you within 90 seconds with the push of a button; made possible by the BenchCarousel.

          Reduce your CAPEX to 1800 EUR/m2 (167 EUR/sq.ft), because 1 Grow Module contains an industry-best 86m2 (926 sq.ft) growing surface. Achieve your maximum yield when your crops receive 100% of the light, (almost) 100% of the time.

          Indoor Vertical Farming provides pelling solutions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: waste less food and support local farmers (Goal 2), avoid wasting water (Goal 6), decent work (Goal 8). However, only a few early adopters are making a profit.

          At Urban Crop Solutions, we have worked tirelessly to find a sensible solution to many open issues. Based on the experiences of the customers of our FarmPro and FarmFlex, we have designed a 2nd generation Plant Factory from the ground up. And we’ve e up with a concept that ‘simply makes sense’.

          Starting up and financing a proof-of-concept is difficult and high-risk (Scalable). Selling the unique benefits of indoor farmed crops creates new opportunities and changing customer needs (Adaptable). And finally, our innovative BenchCarousel minimizes labor costs, increases growing surface for the investment while maximizing crop yields by allowing the crops to absorb light 100% (Efficient).

          We hope you value our contribution to Vertical Farming: join us for the next phase of this exciting technology!

          Indoor Biology Research

          We operate 10 smart climate-controlled research labs,
          1 full scale FarmPro & 1 ModuleX Grow Module

          R&D Equipment

          We can mimic any climate on earth within our labs. To validate yields and improve plant growth recipes in our factories, we also operate a full-scale FarmPro container farm, and a ModuleX Grow Module.

          Our main activities are crop variety screening, enhancing nutrient formulations and perfecting plant cultivation techniques. We have developed our own LED light technology, and continue our experiments to enhance plant response to LED light spectrum and intensity.

          We think inside the box

          We don’t believe in standard solutions. Why? Every single climate creates different issues. That is why we reconfigure all our systems to match your products’ requirements and your business operations. We carefully select the ponents you need to achieve the most effective configuration for your situation. We have the highest precision when it es to controlling all environmental variables : temperature, humidity, airflow, LED light, air flow, irrigation and nutrient formulation.

          Applications and Industries

          “Indoor Vertical Farming reminds me of the early 3D printers about 20 years ago. Just like 3D printing then, indoor biology science now allows you to grow just about anything. Step by step, more and more crops bee economically viable in indoor farming. It is not a question of if, but when it will break through in many applications and industries. Above all, the substantial savings in freshwater, land, food waste and food miles make this a truly sustainable technology. How exciting to be part of this!“ — Tom Debusschere, CEO


          Plant processing

          and food service

          based medicine
          and nutraceuticals

          and research institutes

          and floriculture

          25+ Plant Factories
          USA, Canada, Europe, Asia


          As part of its sustainability program, a FarmPro has been operating for IKEA’s restaurant division on the parking lot of its store in Malm?, Sweden.

          They grow fresh, healthy vegetables ‘from farm-to-plate’. Food-miles from the parking lot to the kitchen have been reduced from 2000 km (1243 mi.) down to 50 m (164 ft).

          Kaercher Family Farms

          Matt Kaercher has a vision to grow fresh greens in the subtropical Florida climate and deliver healthy food to local restaurants.

          He now operates 3 FarmPro and 1 FarmFlex container farms, and is looking to expand.

          Crops On Mars
          (Research consortium, Belgium)

          A consortium led by Puratos, a global bakery supply pany, has set out to research whether people can bake bread on Mars. Dwarf wheat is now grown on lava rock as a substrate.

          Urban Crop Solutions developed and installed 2 custom FarmLab research farms at Puratos’ headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.

          Banana Nursery
          (University of Leuven, Belgium)

          A custom FarmLab research farm is used as a nursery to grow new banana (Musa) cultivars in a controlled environment. After growing to 50 cm (1,6 ft) they are checked for resistance to climate change.

          Promising trees are transported to the African highlands to ensure the future of the local farmers.

          Your Journey to Profit

          We provide End-To-End support


          BUSINESS CASE?

          1Intake conversation to understand your unique local situation, crops, customer needs

          2Review of your business case to see if it's profitable



          1Optimizing your mix of crops

          2Calculation of your ROI



          1Training (at our HQ or remote / COVID-pliant)

          2Biological and technical checklist

          3Startup at your location


          TECH & BIO SUPPORT
          1ST HARVEST

          1Continued support: technical, biological and maintenance

          2Data intelligence: growth data collection and growth recipe optimization

          The journey to a profitable indoor farm is long and confusing. We at Urban Crop Solutions want to help you. Which crops are profitable? Which yields? How many kg/m2 or lbs/sq.ft output do I get? How much leaf loss? Quality loss? Which part of my plant can I use for my particular application? …

          We have the answer to all those questions. Learn more about the differences in yield & the potential pitfalls in indoor vertical farming by downloading our detailed crop guide.

          Request Crop Guide

          Partners in our exciting journey

          “Good ideas may not want to be free, but they do want to connect, fuse, rebine.
          They want to reinvent themselves by crossing conceptual borders.
          They want to plete each other as much as they want to pete.”
          ― Steven Johnson (Where Good Ideas e From - 2010)
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